Work with Michelle Pfile, Lifestyle + Business Transformation Coach

Michelle Pfile helps women tackle transformation and lead purposeful lives and businesses.

She offers two roadmaps to success.

Which route feels the most like you need right now?

I Want To My Health & Fitness

Let’s talk GOALS!

First we will discover together what you want! Are you looking to improve your health and wellness.

It’s time to PICK a program:

We know what you want, lets figure out the roadmap to get you there. We’ll create your PATH to SUCCESS!

Let’s get you started:

As soon as we have picked your program, we will get you started. As your coach I will help you navigate this new way of life! 

You are never alone:

It’s time to PLUG into my exclusive community where you will  access everything to help you take ACTION and see massive success.

Forever in my circle:

You’re never alone, I’m here for you! I’ll provide support as long as you want it. Look forward to recipes, tips, & strategies from my own personal journey that led me to success.

I Want An Adbundant Life & Financial Freedom

You want more!

I know, I can feel it too. You are ready to make a difference, to share your heart and change your life. Let’s CHAT!

Is this right for you?

You are interested in helping others, leading a healthy lifestyle and becoming an influence for change. We make sure this is the RIGHT FIT!

Welcome to the FitNique Family!

I created #thefitniquenation because I craved female friendships & a community full of like minded women. We are women wired for abundance. 

What you can expect:

Everything you need to know to start a network marketing biz on YOUR terms! I follow your lead! I’ve created a 6+ figure business from my laptop and can help you do the same.

Trainings & Support

We are family, we support each other. I will show you the way. You will have access to all my Trainings, Weekly Conference Calls, and Social Media Marketing Support.


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